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Pun Collins

Pun Collins explores sounds to find raw emotions, always pushing its listener to accept new possibilities by defining brand new limits between genres.

Lunar Influence


This time, French artist, producer and filmmaker also known as Allan Ecax sets out to explore the more remote territories in his work. Delving deeper into the space between the beats; pulling apart the tracks bar-by-bar; letting them float weightlessly, and nurturing each noise, node, and note with a minimalist attention to detail.

Beneath the surface of ‘Lunar Influence’ lies a black hole of musical forms. Sucking in elements of footwork, spoken word, minimalism, and dub to form a unique mass of abstract ambience and paranoid pop.

Allan has arrived here with a clear and concise message, delivered with restraint and composure and arranged with Collins’ signature flair for captivating narrative. ‘Lunar Influence’ sees Allan, for the first time, channeling his frustrations and scepticism into his music, assembling an album that is cynical and dark yet beautifully honest.

Collaborative features on Lunar Influence arrive in the form of Japanese production maestro and Leaving Records alumni Fumitake (Bun) Tamura and the ever intriguing Australian Ambient up and comer Nico Callaghan aka Nico Niquo.

vinyl / cassette / digital
Mastered by Quinn Jarvis-Holland
Artworks by Allan Ecax